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When you're hungry for trannys, nothing satisfies your sexual appetite like a triple decker tranny sub with with heaps of manmeat and 3 times the mayo! At were serving up hot transexual tag team action that'll make your stomach growl and your head spin! With 2 sexy shemales getting hardcore fucked by a different guy in each scene, the sex is so intense your eyes won't know where to focus! But don't worry, when you download every HD video, you can Watch them again and again just to catch every face fucking, ass pumping, cum blasting detail!
Lorraine, Danielle & Daivid D USER RATING:
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Blond and Brunette Shemales Suck and Fuck Cocks

Here's a threesome tranny fantasy to light your monitor on fire! Daivid D, lucky bastard that he is, has two gorgeous trannies at his beck and call. Lorraine Baldez is a dark-haired honey while Danielle Albuquerque is a streaked blond shemale goddess in her own right. Daivid dives his head in Danielle's lap and comes up with a dick in his mouth. Lorraine makes herself useful by swallowing his cock! Then the trannies start trading blowjobs with Daivid plowing Danielle in her sweet, tender butt! Get your ticket to ride the endless human train of taboo pleasure!
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Ain't No Party Like A 2 Tranny On 1 Guy Party!
Ana Paula, Bruna & Capoeira USER RATING:
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Two Slutty Tranny Assholes Get Ruined

Lucky Latino stud Capoeira is about to tackle two of the hottest Latin shemales ever! Ana and Bruna are both gorgeous and voluptuous brunette babes; both sluts have got incredible tits, and even bigger dicks! Their stud stands above them as they crouch at his knees like the submissive ladyboy fuck sluts that they are, simultaneously working their mouths up and down his shaft. Then the stud pounds them both in their rear ends with a seemingly limitless amount of energy and a rock hard control over when he ejaculates. The girls also take turns drilling each other in the ass, with some intense three-way positions to be enjoyed as well.
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Michelly, Pamela & Alex USER RATING:
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Two Shemales Manhandled By A Hung Stud!

Latin stud Alex turns up to the shoot ready and willing to do some serious damage to some tranny assholes! Gorgeous brunette shemales Michelly and Pamela are gagging for some hard straight cock; the girls get straight into the fun, giving Alex a superb double blow job while he lies on his back with his cock pointing to the ceiling. Both girls are desperate to get screwed in their butts, pleading with their man to give it to them hard and deep; lucky for them, this virile stud has got more than enough stamina to gape out both of the ring pieces! Alex is definitely the star of the show as he manhandles both these well hung babes!
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Step Inside And See How Freaky These Gals Get!
Myrella, Alice, & Van USER RATING:
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Sexy Tranny Sandwich with Alice Rodigues and Myrella!

Van Dame has smoking hot tranny action from top to bottom with TWO gorgeous shemales, Alice Rodrigues and Myrella Montini! The skinnier of the two, Alice strips off her cute lingerie and goes right after Van Dame's cock like a bonafide whore on a mission. The feel of Van Dame's rigid dick in Alice's mouth gives her a chubby - that's Myrella's cue to wrap her lips around it and start sucking! After getting his four star blowjob service, Van Dame now wants to take Alice's sweet bung to Pound Town! He readies her ass for anal invasion as she slurps on Myrella's fat lady weiner. Now's not the time to go to the fridge...things are about to go fucking crazy!!
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